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Effect/communication - Sweden 

Swedish Advertisers organize 100-wattaren, the competition that rewards effective communication, meaning communication that has proven results for the client.

Effect/communication - Norway

ANFO Effekt highlights outstanding marketing communication that is able to create value, demonstrating that marketing can make a significant difference for businesses and brands.

Internal Award - Norway

Aller Best is an internal competition for campaigns run in Aller Media, where they honor the best cases throughout the year. The competition consists of two categories: creativity or effectiveness.

Internal Award - Norway

Dagligvareleverandørenes forening in Norway is organizing DLF Utmerkelser. The aim is to showcase the breadth of positive contributions their members make. It is an internal Award, not for the public.

Communication - Sweden

Guldägget is organized by KOMM and is Sweden's largest competition in creative communication. The competition also includes Guldblick, Guldskrift, Kycklingstipendiet and Omställningsägget.

Advertising films - Norway

Gullbranson is the Norwegian advertising film industry's own professional award ceremony, honoring advertising films of high craftsmanship quality and those that fulfill the potential of the advertising idea.

TV-Industry - Norway

Gullruten and Fagprisen are an annual award ceremony and distinction for the Norwegian TV industry.

Service/call center - Norway

The purpose of the competition is to create awareness around the great work being done in a customer service/call center. An Award hosted by ANFO.

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Employer branding - Norway

ANFO Norwegian Advertiser's competition, Magnet Awards honor the best works in recruitment and employer branding.

Technology & Creativity - Norway

ANFO Norwegian Advertiser's competition, MarTech Awards recognize the marketing activities that best combine marketing technology and creativity.

Campaign of the Month - Sweden

Resumé's Award "Månadens Kampanj" rewards creative advertising in print, ideas, PR, outdoor, design, film, and content.

TV-production - Sweden

Film&TV-Producenternas Award, Riagalan, premieres Sweden's best creators, employees, and contributors within Swedish TV-production.

Film production - Sweden

Film&TV-Producenternas Award, Roygalan rewards creativity and innovation within Swedish advertising film production. It celebrates Sweden's best creators within Swedish advertising film production.

Spinn - Sweden

Spinn is the competition that rewards Sweden's best PR, where communication efforts primarily occur in owned and/or earned channels.

Sustainable gambling - Sweden

Swedish Gambling Award, organized by SPER honor responsibility and innovation in the gaming industry. The award aims to showcase efforts towards creating a healthy, modern, and sustainable industry.

Content  - Sweden

Swedish Content Awards rewards the best productions in content marketing.  The aim of the competition is to recognize good quality and innovative solutions that have yielded the desired impact.

Marketer of the Year - Norway

Kampanje aims to showcase the marketing work done in the Norwegian market and highlight individual marketing managers to inspire and further drive the profession.