Ten years of experience.

Since 2013, I have successfully managed over 150 competitions, handled tens of thousands of entries, and supported hundreds of jury members. With that experience, I believe I deserve my self-appointed title "Queen of Awards".

The journey began with Penetrace Awards in 2013 when we first engaged with an award solution in Norway. Within a year, we launched a platform and services in Sweden, experiencing significant growth from managing two awards to becoming the largest provider of award services in both Sweden and Norway. In 2020, we formed a partnership with Award Force, a new SaaS-platform, enhancing our business's efficiency and autonomy. In 2023, Awardly acquired the award services from Penetrace and now operates as a reseller for Award Force. This successful combination of a reliable platform and exceptional service has propelled our journey.

Contact: send an email or call +46 (0)702 777 411

Who runs Awardly?

I started Awardly when I had the opportunity to buy the established business area "Penetrace Awards" from my old employer Penetrace. For ten years, I worked as a product- and project manager within Awards, both in Sweden and Norway. During the last four years at Penetrace, I was the only one working with Awards and had the responsibility for the business area, so there were no major changes when I decided to run the competitions under my own direction. Same customers, same contacts, and same Awards!

I have over 25 years of experience in marketing, market research, technical support, and project management. My roots are from Sweden and Jamaica, and I grew up in Gothenburg. I moved to Providence, USA to pursue my bachelor's degree in Marketing, returned to Sweden with stints in London and Brussels for work, and finally settled in Stockholm.

Founder, CEO Sophia Baugh