Follow the competition and jury work in real-time.

Smart Award Platform

Streamline your award, competitions, nominations, submissions, judging, evaluation, administration and marketing.

A user-friendly platform that is easy to set up to manage and track entries, using tags and filters to easily identify finalists. Track submission statuses and ongoing entries through a dashboard overview.

With unlimited program managers, users, entries and file uploads, the platform is suitable for both large and small Awards. It's designed to work on all digital devices, and supports multilingual competitions.

Stay connected with entrants and judges through customized notifications and bulk email capabilities. Our platform solution saves you time and make your Award significantly more efficient.

Manage entries

All Awards are registered entirely online, offering a seamless, fast, and intuitive experience for participation. Entries can be tracked, downloaded, duplicated, or deleted. 

Track the number of ongoing and submitted entries in real-time to see how many entries are coming into the competition.

The system is available 24/7 during the competition, and during this period, entries can be adjusted as many times as needed.

All entries can also be supplemented with attachments in various formats for video or document files, as well as URL links.

Entries can be submitted in different categories, with each category determining which questions need to be answered in the competition, providing a way to make each category unique if desired. 


Four different methods for evaluating entries.

  • Ranking
  • Voting
  • Top-pick
  • Jury groups
You have the flexibility to select one method or combine different judging methods to suit your needs.

Different panels connect the jury groups to the entries, so that jury members only see the entries they have access to.

The system also offers multiple jury rounds to easily sort out the best entries by creating shortlists for each jury session. The results and the jury process can be followed in real-time.

Moreover, no training is required for judges; the process is straightforward and intuitive!

Our services are designed to save you time.